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Primary Two( Parts 1-3), Oil and Enamel on Canvas, 2015, Each panel 48 x 36 inches installed at White Cube gallery, Edinburgh, September 2015.



2015 - Screening of 'The Shadow is What You Hear' made in collaboration with Lee Riley at 44AD Gallery, Bath 5 June 2015



2015 - 'Improv.' Live peformance by Edimpro with  animations by Colin Lawson, John Brown and Chanté St Clair Inglis, Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh, March 2015.  



2011 - Marconi Union playing live at Band on the Wall - Live peformance by Marconi Union with projected paintings by Colin Lawson, Band on the Wall, Manchester



2011 - Black White Score - An exhibition of Painting and Sound by Colin Lawson, John Brown & Lee Riley at Arts Complex, Edinburgh. To view the exhibition publication, please click here.  Black White Score opened with a live performance by Lee Riley. We taped a section of his set which you can check out here.



2011 - Intersections: Filming Across Culture & Technology - Screening of 'The Butterfly' made in collaboration with Pleq installed at The Bluecoat, Liverpool 





2009 - LABÔRÔ: Cyclic and Recent Work by Colin Lawson & Graeme Walker - Arts Complex -Edinburgh The artists have presented installation images and full text about the exhibition in an artist book. For more information and to preview the book please click here: LABÔRÔ





2007 - P/X:  A Purposeless Production A Necessary Praxis / Snow Falls in the Mountains Without Wind - Group exhibition - AUT - St Paul’s Street Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand. For more information about the exhibition, please click here.


2006 - Low - Solo exhibition - Attic Salt Gallery, Edinburgh


2004 - Performance by Mr. McFalls Chamber of music by Matilda Brown and projected paintings by Colin Lawson - Queens Hall, Edinburgh. To view a video of the performance, please click here: Mr McFalls at Queens Hall