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  • Our friend and collaborator Michael Edwards initiated an online interview with us about the making of the animation for rei as a doe. Click here to read more. 
  • We're off to Genova! for rei as a doe is a 40-minute piano and computer work by Michael Edwards. We responded with an animation employing 28 paintings (12 x 11cm, oil on canvas). This collaborative work will be screened at Museo Villa Croce on Tuesday 6 September from 5pm and performed live on Wednesday 7 September at Conservatorio 'Niccolo Paganini' at 5pm. You can read more here.
  • The painting Primary Two will be part of the Black Cube Collective Annual show at Whitespace in Edinburgh from 23 - 30 September 2015. You can download a copy of the exhibition catalogue here. 
  • Painting-Sound-Animation  Still Movement with paintings by Colin and music by Marianne Sice screening at  'Music, Mind, Brain and The Way of Life' at Sage, Gateshead, Newcastle, 26 May 2015. Organised by the Sage Gateshead in collaboration with the  WELCOME  research  at Northumbria.
  • We're working on a new Painting-Sound-Animation. For Rei as Doe is a 40-minute piano and computer work by composer Michael Edwards. This beautiful piece of music is our starting point to create an animation employing a series of very quiet paintings made by Colin. Want to know more? Read Michael's blog here.

          Rei as Doe Image 2

  •  Colin's been invited to take part as a panel member in Leading to Wellbeing: The Power of Mindsight conference at The Sagehead, Gateshead, Newcastle, 15 April 2015. He's taking some recent work to screen and a silent Painting-Sound-Animation for attending musicians to respond to at the conference.
  • Sound artist Lee Riley has invited us to work with him on a new collaboration entitled The Shadow is What you Hear. The work will be part of the exhibition 'Seeing Sound from the Inside Out' installed at Fringe Arts Bath from May to June 2015. To read more about this exhibition go to sound from the inside out.

            FAB poster for upload

  • 'Improv' is an upcoming peformance comprising painting, animation and improvised music by musicians Edimpro on Tuesday 10 March, 8pm at the Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh. We'll be projecting two silent Painting-Sound-Animations. One using paintings from Colin's 'Beautifully Falling Apart' series, the other, using new work by artist John Brown. These two works will be interpreted live by Edimpro. We are pretty excited to hear how they sound.

        improv poster for upload

  •  A Slow Collapse to screen at the Cronosfera Festival, Italy, Friday 21 September 2012. The Painting Animation A Slow Collapse made with Marconi Union will screen at the Cronosfera Festival in Allesandria, Italy. The festival brings together scientists and artists to investigate contemporary interpretations of time and space.
  •  Publication - PX: Thoughts on Painting published August 2011 and out now Colin's series LOW was included in the exhibition Snow Falls on Mountains Without Wind, curated by Jan Bryant and is featured in this book. To read more go to PX: Thoughts on Painting.

           PX: Thoughts on Painting 2   LOW installed at St Pauls Street Gallery, Auckland 

  • Sleepless animation to screen at the B-Link Festival of New Communications, 16 - 20 November 2011 The collaborative Painting-Sound-Animation made with Marconi Union will screen in the B-Link Festival at the Cultural Centre 'Parobord' in Belgrade. For more details visit B-LINK website.  

  • Screening - Sound Fjord Birthday Bash on 31 July 2011 from noon til late in London - screening of The Fire Walker 
    The unique London space SoundFjord is celebraing its first birthday with... Performances, film, audio screenings (including The Fire Walker by Colin, Chanté and Lee Riley!!), a vegetable instrument workshop, birthday cake, afternoon tea, pimms and a few secrets up their sleeve. For more information check out their website at Sound Fjord. 
  •  Album Cover - Marconi Union are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Beautifully Falling Apart on 11 July 2011. This is the first of an ongoing series of "ambient transmissions".  The music was inspired by the idea of finding beauty in destructive or dangerous situations. The artwork comprises details from a number of Colin's abstract paintings made in response to the album. You can check it all out on Amazon

   Album Cover

  • Interview - Sound Barriers: Check out the December 2010 edition of Line Magazine for a discussion about sound art by Colin and João Abbott-Gribben