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Artist Statement

My aim is to create an unobtrusive form of painting which will encourage attention rather than demand it.  I have always been fascinated by surface; surfaces of paint, surfaces of sound. I am greatly influenced by ambient music; in particular its ability to envelop the listener without drawing attention to itself. From the early experiments of John Cage through to present day recordings, I have been working towards a visual equivalent of this remarkable discipline. It is not my intention to illustrate sound however. My compositions are informed by responses to repeated notes and subtle variations in aural textures: the gradual introduction of stronger rhythms and the smaller, hidden sounds which surface periodically. 


Born in Scotland in 1959, Colin Lawson lives and works in East Lothian. His paintings primarily investigate the relationship between the painted surface and music. Collaborating regularly with musicians and sound artists, Colin has worked with the London Symphony Orchestra at the Pavarotti Music Centre in Bosnia, with Mr. McFalls Chamber at the Queens Hall in Edinburgh and with Marconi Union in Manchester.   

Since 2010, Colin has collaborated with Chanté St Clair Inglis to create Painting-Sound-Animations. This ongoing series of work directly connects Colin's paintings to the sound worlds that inform them. The animations employ hundreds of images of painted surfaces animated to evolve visually with their aural counterpart.