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Painting Archive


 Axis and Alignment, series, 2017


Red Yellow Blue, series, 2016


Cradle, 2010, 122 x 280 cm


Beautifully Falling Apart, 2010 - 2011, a series of 36 paintings each measuring 29 x 20 cm, inspired by the music of ambient musicians Marconi Union, particuarly their album 'Beautifully Falling Apart' released by Just Music in 2011




Black White Score, group exhibition with John Brown and Lee Riley involving sound, painting and digital animation, 2011, Arts Complex, Edinburgh




 LABÔRÔ - Exhibition of painting and animation with Graeme Walker, 2009, Arts Complex, Edinburgh




 A Lost Connection, a series of 52 paintings each measuring 11 x 12cm,  2009, inspired by the ambient music of Marconi Union

Femstein, series, 2006